Peanut butter, I’ve learnt my lesson

I was supposed to bake peanut butter cookies and I had no idea what went wrong with the ingredients. It says on the packaging (Reese's) that the batter would be creamy and when you bake, the unbaked cookies will melt (some sort like that). And I did not expect my cookies to melt like... uhmmm … Continue reading Peanut butter, I’ve learnt my lesson

Everyone’s favorite (chocolate chip) cookies

Hello everyone! Syukran alhamdulillah we are now in the mid week of Ramadhan. Two more weeks to Syawal, may everyone is blessed with a good health at this holy month. As usual, I will be baking the same old thing all over again and it has been everyone's favorite. Yup, I called it Everyone's Favorite … Continue reading Everyone’s favorite (chocolate chip) cookies