Black pepper beef

Updating my blog before I am flying off to Kualalala Lumpur peeps! INGREDIENTS ground black pepper (as much as you can) beef 1 red chili 3 bird's eye chili (chili padi) 1 red onion (julienne) 2 garlics (julienne) 4 dried shiitake mushrooms (julienne) olive oil dark sauce soy sauce salt METHOD Heat pan with olive … Continue reading Black pepper beef

Bream fish with tamarind gravy

I have a love-hate relationship with November & December. It's the monsoon season time, which means I need to get ready with sweater and kickers and hot tea. So today, I'm going to blog another simple Asian (Malay specifically) dish and how nicely it is to serve on such a rainy day. You will need:- … Continue reading Bream fish with tamarind gravy