Born and raised in between Singapore and across the border, I have been living on my own since I was 18.

I am always on the road, traveling up and down but that’s probably because I am used to wandering around (that’s what every student does when they are far away from home).

A little bit of myself.

I did my attachment with Media Prima Sdn Bhd. before signing an offer as an assistant producer with Mediacorp. I struggled as a running jobless graduate for almost 1 year and a half before I found my current stable job.

My career as a talent (freelance actress/cast/tv face) or whatever you may want to call it started when my own telemovie that I handled lack of actors. I had to jump in, be that one particular role.

And ever since then, I am always in and out, running here and there; shoot for commercials, tv series or whatsoever. I don’t usually update this on my blog.

I love to cook and currently into bakings.

I like to share what I cook with my readers (if there is any). Hence, blogging!

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