S$86 vs S$52 primer. Is it worth it?

this is not an advert. just my honest opinions

I have a love-hate relationship with my own skin. For someone who was born with an oily skin, I find it is quite difficult/hassle for me to shop for beauty products. One wrong product can lead to acne or break outs.

Last April, I bought what I would call mother of all miracles. Impulsively I bought YSL Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow for SG$86. I had doubts with it at first. I mean, will I look patchy after wearing 8 hours of make-up? Does it work for people who have oily skin like me? Is it worth it? And the list goes on…


Now… what does it do? It gives you make-up lovers a lightweight and hides every imperfection on your face that could last you in 72 hours. It can also be used as a primer. This instant moisture glow comes in only one size (40ml).

left: 10.40 am || right: after 5 pm

Since I live in Singapore, we only have wet and dry seasons. And when it is wet, it is really wet. For dayyyyyys. When it is dry, it can be super dry + humid; sort of pre-hell trial for all of us.

Above photo was taken in the mid of June, second day of Eid. The weather was pretty much hot + humid but rain in the evening. I was wearing YSL Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow along with Bio-Essence Miracle Water. Set them up for a few seconds and of course, tapped my face with Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Skin Foundation code 055: Moluccan Nutmeg.

My make-up essential products are all based according to my mood. If I had to be under the hot sun or somewhere with no air-conditioner, I would use Body Shop foundation. It lasts for hours and doesn’t give me that patchy-cakey kinda look. So as the photo above, I will list down what was on my face.:

Foundation: Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Skin Foundation (055: Moluccan Nutmeg)
Loose powder: Cover Fx Perfect Setting Powder
Translucent powder: Srichand translucent powder (bought it in Bangkok)
Eye concealer: Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer (840B: Light Ivory)
Eyeshadow: Tarte: Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette
Eyeliner: Kat Von D tattoo liner
Eyebrow: Innisfree auto pencil (06: Urban Brown) and Catrice eyebrow set
Blusher: Revolution Powder Blush (Hot)
Mascara: Too Faced Better than Sex (waterproof)
Lipstain: Colourpop (Love Bug)
Setting Spray: Barry M setting spray (Dewy)

After long hours, my make-up did not give any trouble to me at all. In fact, I did not have to touch up! For someone like me who has an oily skin, this primer really does its magic on my face!


And so I thought of finding another face primer in the range of splurge, so I got myself a Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water (S$52, Sephora). Recommended by one of the advisors in Sephora, she told me this is one of the best sellers. Personally, I don’t really care about the best sellers recommendation – I just need something that suits with my face and can make my make-up stays more than 12 hours.

I thought of getting Too Faced Hangover Primer (S$49), but the beauty advisor told me it doesn’t suit my oily skin. Huh.

left: 10.30 am right: 2pm ++

Last week, I was on set for Tekan Minyak shooting and thought of giving a shot by using Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. Good thing about this primer is that it can be used as a primer and after make-up setting spray.

And you can see from the photo itself that urhm… let’s just say I wasn’t happy with the after result. I mean, clearly enough I could see my pimples (one on the chin & left cheek), laughing at me. It didn’t and doesn’t give me full coverage and quite disappointed that my make-up didn’t last quite long (right photo – can see how glowy i became).

I had to touch up quite number of times.

For my make-up products, I used the same products just like how I stated earlier on, except my lip cream is from Wardah.

Personally, not all splurge products are suitable for all skin types, even if they are under recommendations. You know your skin better, so choose wisely.

Between these two products, I will stick with YSL Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow. And of course, my another alternate primer would definitely be Too Faced Hangover primer.

YSL Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow really does its magic from hiding my pimples and scar acne. Did I even mention it makes my skin glowy (naturally)?

And yes! It is worth the price.

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