Reunited with old buddies featuring post wisdom surgical

post surgical
29th June, 30th June & 1st July

I had to go for an emergency wisdom surgery last Friday (29th June) due to the pain that I had for days (not sure what food to blame for this pain).

This time around, I went ALONE. It was a last minute thing and I couldn’t get my mom to accompany me. Told my doctor to give me more topical gum like more of more and a few anaesthesia. Gotta say, I cried a little.

On the day I did my wisdom surgery, I did not see any swelling. I mean I knew my left cheek was slowly turning into a fishball but I did not expect it to be more squarish on the next day! (center photo)

I was like dammmmmn! I’m gonna fetch my long lost buddy and I don’t wanna look puffy! But I had to. To Vivo I go, with that puffy left cheek.

before sending bal home 😦

I was never close with this buddy of mine. We were enemies in class/school. I hated him but I wasn’t quite sure if he hated me (?). He attended the same school with me when he was 9 years old (2000) and left in (2004).

Thing is… he threw stones at me while we were playing football. So I chased him and then… we became enemies. Like godamn I wish I could kill this guy. We tried to avoid seeing each other but we couldn’t do so whenever we had Islamic classes.

I was so darn happy when he left the school, at least I don’t have to use a very long road to go to canteen. But to think about it now, we were just kids. Kids do the darndest things. Who doesn’t?

A few years back, I tried to find Iqbal on Facebook. We connected but didn’t keep in touch. I brave myself to follow him on Instagram and it took me quite some time to actually say hi back (probably because of what happened in school).

I mean… C’mon… it has been years. We are all grown up now. And I am aware everyone is busy but it is never wrong to just spend a little time to just catching things up, right?

I felt pretty much hesitated to whether or not fetch him on Saturday. The effect of my post surgery just started to show and I felt really unwell. And I hate breaking promises. I braved myself to wake up and forced myself to eat tho I still couldn’t chew noodle (yup, I had kuey teow soup).

I decided to just stick with baby yoghurt after that. Brought Iqbal around town and gave a big treat at my favorite sushi bar place. I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT I MUST AVOID SEAFOOD for days and I had six plates of crabsticks!

I felt extra nausea. I wanted to sip a cup of coffee but that would make things much more worse. Banana juice then.

Next day (1st July), I fetched Iqbal at Beach Rd and headed down to Bugis to meet Farid there. Now, Farid and I have been friends since we were 7. He is one of the naughtiest people in the class. He used to imitate The Rock’s eyebrow moves and always sleeps in the class. He is good in playing Pokémon card too.

I still keep the handmade bracelet he made for me when we were in Primary 6. My mom hangs it at my vanity mirror in our home at Johor.

It is so nice to catch up and meet with these buddies of mine. Just my luck that I’m on medical leaves, I can make my time hanging out with them despite having a major pain on my left gum & cheek.

I wish we could stay more longer. How I wish I could reunite everyone in the class just to catch up things and say hi.

And I keep saying to Iqbal “What happened to us?”

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