Asthma at the age of 26

I have been in and out hospital for the past 4 months, countless visits to clinics and I almost lost hope in finding what was the cause to my bad cough.

All started right after I came back from Bali (in April) but it wasn’t that severe until the second last day of Hari Raya Puasa. First, I got infected by my friend’s cough, then it gotten worst and doctor told me I had bronchitis.

“You should be okay within one week.”

A week became fortnight and became a month.

It gotten really really bad that I actually vomited more than 3 times in a day, couldn’t eat and lost weight tremendously. Went to see a specialist in Novena for an x-ray, result showed no signs of pneumonia or whatsoever.

Felt like I wanted to slit my throat. Coughing for more than a month, thought I had tuberculosis.

My last clinic visit (the 4th), the doctor called his partner straight away and referred me to a respiratory specialist in Gleneagles.

Stepped into the clinic and by just saying “Good morning” to one of the nurses, she could tell I was already at a critical stage. Quickly she took breathing tests and said “Quite severe. Let me page Dr John straight away.”

Mind you, no one in my family has asthma.

My first visit seeing Dr John was not that bad. He gave me a 250mg inhaler and some other medicines.

Second visit, I requested for a Ventolin because I need to keep track with my sport routines. And he reduced the dosage of my inhaler to 125mg.

2 months passed and I was fine. No cough, no vomits and etc. But recently, it came back. Again, I lost appetite, countless vomits and started to wheeze in my sleeps.

Thought today will be my last visit to hospital but I was wrong. Had another breathing test, the percentage is still high. I asked myself “How come?”, and doctor suspected I might have an allergy.

Took a skin prick test and the nurse poked 21 needles on my arms.

“In a minute, your hands will start to get itchy and do not scratch them for 10 minutes.” That’s when I realized a big look-alike mosquito bite rash started to pop out. I cried. I kept begging my mom to do something and ya, cry baby.

So… the cause of my asthma is due to the allergies that I have been having, which I have no idea about it! Dust mitemold and cats. You can see from the picture below how bad my allergies are.

Processed with MOLDIV

Yup! I am allergic to dust mite and CATS.

I do not own any cat but I love feeding (stray) cats, and play with them. And my mom knows I always keep my room clean every single day but “how”?

At the age of 26, I developed an asthma. Saddest part, I can never keep a pet in the future.

Probably this is the reason why I keep sneezing no matter where I go especially whenever I make a visit to Ikea. But I thank God that my airway is getting better.

And since mama followed me to the hospital today, she requested several referral letters for my December trip, asked me to either throw or give away my soft toys and of course – throw away my flannel blanket.

And now… I am back to 250mg dosage.

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