Birthday in Bali


I am so excited to share with you guys about my birthday in Bali as this is my first time, travelling to Island of the Gods.

Bali is known for its iconic paddy fields, volcanic mountains, kopi luwak, beaches and temples.

Basically I was there for 5 days 4 nights. But on my 5th day, I did nothing. I had to catch my plane at 7 in the morning (sucks).

My first day in Bali was tremendously insane due to traffic jams. Luckily we managed to reach our hotel in Ubud on time.

We stayed in Inata Hotel at Ubud for 2 nights (SG$71.73,, which is just 10 minutes away from Sacred Monkey Forest.

From the outside, the hotel looks like an inn – small, deserted and scary. But once you walk into the hallway, everything seems to be a lie.

I was greeted with love and a glass of orange juice. I have to say Balinese people are amazing, friendly and also rich with smiles. Even my driver loves to smile, or maybe that’s the way he is.

view from my room

Got the key to our room, and I was amazed with the view from my room! It is so refreshing, soothing and calm! Like I said, I did not expect the place to be deserted and small. Suddenly I felt like I was in the jungle and I could hear birds chirping here and there.

Since we were stuck in the jam, everyone was hungry. I told the driver I wanted to eat something that is local and as far as I could remember, everywhere around me is cafe. Luckily I found a pathway that leads to a village. Taraaaaah! I found a warung!

nasi betutu

I had nasi betutu while the driver and my friend had nasi goreng. Amazingly, this warung serves the best nasi betutu even there is no one there.

Since half of our day was wasted, we couldn’t do a lot of things except taking photos in temples. But luck was on our side, there was a show that night. We paid Rp75,000 (SG$7.91) per ticket to watch Kecak Dance at Pura Dalem Taman Kaja.

Kecak Dance

Kecak Dance is a music drama that tells a story about Goddess Sita was abducted by King Ravana. This dance consists of Balinese dance and also music drama that starts with a chant.

The show lasted for at least 1 hour and 15 minutes. Great show I have to say. The chant, costumes and everything was perfect.

Later on, we went to Coco Supermarket to grab some food instant noodles because that is what Indonesia is famous for! Ha ha! Went to sleep quite early because we did not want to miss anything for tomorrow… (eventually both of us woke up late because i set my alarm wrongly)


Quickly we had our breakfast in the hotel and off to Bali Safari & Marine Park! I paid Rp 990,000 (SG$104) for the Dragon package, inclusive of free lunch at Uma Restaurant.

Now, don’t get confused! There are two animal places you can visit in Bali – Bali Zoo and Bali Safari & Marine Park. Bali Zoo is located at Jl. Raya Singapadu Banjar Seseh Sukawati Batuan Sukawati Gianyar Bali while Bali Safari is at Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19,8, Serongga, Kec. Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar.

To my surprise, Bali Safari is like two times bigger than Singapore Zoo! I spent half of my day playing with animals – even got to feed the goats!


The animal shows in Bali Safari is much more different than any other animal shows I have ever seen. Mind you, I used to work in Singapore Zoo and I have to say the people there (Bali Safari) put so much efforts and even have their own costumes to perform with the animals.

Once we were done with every animal show, we took a ride and down we go to the safari! Suddenly I felt like I was in Africa, sitting in a tram (more like a mini bus), listening to the presenter explaining about every animal that we could see outside from our tram windows.

After six or more hours of exploring, we went to Goa Gajah to experience another experience.

Bought a bag of souvenirs in Goa Gajah and yes, my friend was surprised that I could actually negotiate with the salesperson there up till 25% off. Muahahahaha. Heads off to Batuan Temple for another temple (countless temples in less than 2 days).

There were a few temples that we went, only that I did not remember their names. But anyway, photo on right is taken at Batuan Temple, somewhere near Desa Batuan. That’s where I managed to find another warung place to makan and yup! Got my satay for only Rp75,000 only! (inclusive of my driver’s rice, mutton curry and whatsoever he took)


When I travel for food, I go local. You can never get this kind of authentic food anywhere in cafe or 5 stars hotel! If you did, lucky you.

Had my satay at somewhere in Desa Batuan, 15 minutes away from Batuan Temple. I only had chicken satay, as I am allergic to mutton. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my meal with Fanta orange!

We thought we could watch Baron Dance later that night, but found out the dance only happens in the morning *sad*. So, we ended our night quite early.

But before that, we walked around at Monkey Forest, we went to spa, bought some souvenirs too around our hotel area. Next day, we went to Sacred Monkey Forest.


I don’t exactly remember how much was the ticket per entry, but then again there are monkeys everywhere! I even got to see threesome monkeys! Haha!

Before we went to Sacred Monkey Forest, we had our breakfast at Sagittarius Restaurant, 3 minutes away from our Inata Hotel. Then, went to Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA). Did not take any photo at there because it is just a museum full with artworks and and paintings.

Ohhh, we actually checked out from Inata Hotel on our third day in Bali because our next destination is Seminyak. Before heading off to Seminyak, our driver decided to stop by at Luwak Coffee Sari Amerta Agrotourism.

There, my friend and I learned about coffee luwak, how it is being made, what kind of beans they have and I got to see civet cats too!

tasted 12 different type of coffees and my 13th coffee is luwak coffee

At the coffee luwak field, our tour guide Pak Jengot taught us so many things on how coffee luwak is being made, how many skins one coffee bean has and what tea is good for this and that.

Every tourist that comes to the luwak field will be served with 12 different coffees/teas but if you want to taste coffee luwak, you need to Rp50,000 (SG$5.27) per cup. And honestly, the coffee tastes so much better even without sugar! Even better than espresso!

Next! We squeezed our asses to Tanah Lot and we have forgotten our third day in Bali was Saturday!

So many people phototaking, selfie at Tanah Lot and kinda regret for not going there early in the morning.


Well at least, our driver was kind enough to be our photographer on that day and took many photos of us muahahaha!

We stayed there till sun set. There, I know why Bali is knows Island of the Gods.

Stuck in a traffic jams like almost 2 hours, then we reached Seminyak.

Had dinner at A&W (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT) and I accomplished my mission hahaha!

birthday breakfast at honeybee

The next day, the day everyone was waiting for. MY BIRTHDAY!!!

My best friend gave me a breakfast treat and yup, loving it. Had my breakfast at HoneyBee – finally a proper cafe meal after 3 days of having local food hahaha! The coffee there is darn cheap! Rp22,000 per cup!

We did not do much in Seminyak because we did not really plan of anything. But, our drivers (we had an extra driver on that day) brought us to Uluwatu Temple and Melasti Beach (such a beautiful place) to capture memories.





Majestic places, beautiful skies and wonderful people. For sure, I will be back for more.

A few of my friends told me that Bali has nothing, Bali is boring. All you can do is club drink club drink.

Well, I managed to prove them wrong. I spent less than SG$300 for my whole four days in Bali (excluded 5th day).

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