Black pepper beef

Updating my blog before I am flying off to Kualalala Lumpur peeps!


ground black pepper (as much as you can)
1 red chili
3 bird’s eye chili (chili padi)
1 red onion (julienne)
2 garlics (julienne)
4 dried shiitake mushrooms (julienne)
olive oil
dark sauce
soy sauce



  1. Heat pan with olive oil and stir-fry red chili, chili padi, onion and garlics till fragrant.
  2. Add in beef, and pinch some salt.
  3. Once the beef changes color, add in shiitake mushrooms.
  4. Add in about 3 tablespoons of dark sauce and 5 tablespoons of soy sauce (make sure your soy sauce is not the salty flavor).
  5. Pinch some grounded black pepper. The more the better.
  6. Served.


This dish is well served with an omelette and white rice.


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