Salmon provençale



I decided to bake something I have never done before.

As you know, provençale is some sort like a dish that is cooked or baked in tomato sauce (or gravy) and olive oil and olive and garlic and whatever leaves you wanna put in your dish.

I baked my salmon with tomato puree, mushroom, some lemonade, basil leaves, oregano and some other thing.


1 slice of salmon
slices of lemon (2 slices to wash salmon & a slice to bake)
basil leaves
mexicana oregano
olive oil
tomato provencale
mushrooms (julienne them up)
potatoes (cut to cube)


Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

I heat up the oven for 10 minutes, approximately 200 degrees C.

Then, I covered up my tray with two aluminum foils. One is for just covering it up and second, to foil my salmon.

I cleaned up the salmon with some lemon and salt, so that it won’t affect the baking (you know, the fishy smell) and pat with kitchen towels (tissues), slowly and gently.

I don’t use a lot of seasonings here, just salt and pepper. Then, squeezed some lemon, pour tomato puree, some chopped parsley leaves, basil leaves, mexicana oregano and foil it nicely.

Bake it for 35 min with 200 degrees C. I had my salmon with baked potatoes too, so don’t forget to bake your potatoes along with salmon.

This is my first time baking salmon with a gravy. Usually I’d just bake it with lemon and some parsley and coriander and some other leaves.

Love to experiment new things in the kitchen 😀
you can try if you want. no harm!

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