5 days in Bangkok

Didn’t really plan to go to Bangkok 2 months ago. It all started when my supervisor told me to clear my leaves (which I totally forgot about it) and he said to take a day off on National Day (August 9). My colleague, Syirah and I just simply planned to take a ride to Bangkok and two weeks ago, we were there.

I have been to Phuket and Pattaya and yes, many have told me “Why are you always back in Thailand?”. I don’t know. My mind takes me wherever it wants me to be. I don’t care, so be it. Besides, to travel, you need money; unless if your parents afford to give you some $$$ then so be it.

I have to say it is very convenient for us, the first timer to be in Bangkok to travel here and there by using their public transport (their train i mean). And nope, we did not ride on their buses nor tuk tuk. I am not a map reader and will never be good in it. Thank God Syirah is a mapperLMAO

Anyway, their system is quite similar with us. Here in Singapore we use ez-link card to tap in and out the train/bus. Same thing goes in Bangkok; but not quite sure if you can use their card to ride on public buses.

We stayed at iResidence in Chong Nonsi for 4 nights 5 days, which I have to say the hotel is super duper amazing, huge and surreal (except that our view is been blocked by another building pfft). The journey from Suvarnabhumi Airport to our location is about 1 hour 1/2 and yeap, we took two different trains to reach our hotel. Best part is that our hotel is located exactly in front of BTS. (Chong Nonsi is in Silom)

After we had our rest, we headed out to check some view. Hehehe quite nonsense for me to actually wanna visit The Postal Building and when I looked at the map, kirim salam suaaa! Told Syirah I do really wanna see Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, and yeap, she agreed! She is my map reader! We went inside, I studied every single statue in the temple and being in someone’s holy place, we gotta respect every single thing there. And nope, I did not pray or touch any of the statues. I just looked and walked off.

We were hungry. I spotted one old food shop that sells pad thai and been craving for it since I was in Pattaya (could not find one there!). The food place is called Viet-Hue Kitchen, located opposite from our hotel.

I ordered pad thai, Syirah had pineapple rice and coke (i think) and I had this butterfly herb juice and also an appetizer, shrimp cakes.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Syirah is my hand’s model (hahahaha). The food is delicious, spicy and everything is so perfect but what got me thinking is that… There was no customer in the shop except for us! And the shrimp cakes were delicious & crispy. Honestly, my second last day in Bangkok I actually ordered 2 packs of it haha!

Then, we had a massage except for me. I decided to just do foot scraping for just 200 baht… That’s like what? $8 for 30 minutes! 100 baht equivalent to $4, so yeah.

I don’t exactly remember the massage place name but it’s quite near to Viet-Hue Kitchen and the shop is in red color. Syirah had her body massage and whatever shits she requested at the top floor so me, yeah foot scraping.

Then later on, we found a hidden cafe nearby our hotel (again). Ohhhh our place is some sort like a CBD area. Banks here and there, tall buildings here and there, so you can imagine there is a traffic jam.

Next stop! To Alphabet Bar & Cafe. Didn’t really eat that much since we had a heavy meal earlier on. Then we slept early because we were quite restless.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Once we had our breakfast in the hotel, we then headed to Siam. We were “datin” on that particular day, we dressed nicely and did a little shopping. Siam Paragon is like Shoppes@MBS, only that it has a mini garden at the entrance. And I bought macaroons at Laduree! I’m suprised that the macaroons here are quite cheap than in Singapore.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The weather wasn’t that supportive. It rained for quite some time and we were supposed to go to Eveandboy, your one stop for make-up.

Walked around in Siam Square One, Syirah told me she will treat me at Hello Kitty Cafe and I thought she was kidding. She said “belated birthday treat” and I was like dudeeeeee it’s August liao! Hahahahaha!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
beautrium in siam square one

The mall is quite huge, to be exact. We kinda got lost but then I saw a beauty shop. Bought a few things there and Thai people are so friendly! They are full with smiles, services and so helpful too!

I bought eyeliners, mascaras and some shit. And I thought the rain has stopped but no. We decided to just run in the rain so that we did not waste any time.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset
We reached to our destination… EVEANDBOY! We had to walk like 10 minutes from Siam Square One and I thought Syirah was excited about it until she told me “I only bought 3 items”. LMAO

She was quite tired so she waited for me outside the shop while me, hauling some shits and bought so many things! I spent SG$143 in Eveandboy itself! I did not feel regret because they have Barry M, Revolution, full set of Freedom and of course, Nyx.!

Eveandboy is located nearby Hard Rock Cafe. Easy to spot because it’s in bright purple color.

Then, back to Siam Square One! Syirah really gave me a treat at Hello Kitty Bangkok! I went crazy over the place as it is pink, kawaii and adorable! Ughh! I don’t wanna go back!

That night, I had a blast. Quickly I changed to my comfy “batik” dress and off to Vogue Lounge!

Since it was still raining, we could not eat on the rooftop. But it’s okay. I was served with great finger foods and drinks.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
lobster ravioli
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

In the train, on the way back to our hotel, we actually made a new friend with an old man from Perth.

I told Syirah in Malay “pandai la kau bagi aku bawah ketiak dia” and she laughed and she looked at him, talked something, which I did not know what she was telling him. Later I conversed a small chat,

“Where are you from?”
I’m from Perth.
Syirah, “Where are you going to alight? (something like that)”
Errr I’m going to alight at Sala… Sala… Uhmm Deng Sala…
(uncle behind us, a local menyampuk) “SALA DAENG”
Oh yes, Sala Daeng
Then… I asked if he’s there alone or with his wife or his friends. His reply amazed me
After 26 years of having a partner, I am finally free. I love to travel alone but having a companion is good too. Sometimes I argue with myself too.


It was his station, Sala Daeng. Before he went off, I actually noticed he was wearing a dog shirt and I told him I love pugs. Again, his answer amazed me



Next day, we went to Pratunam. It was a long journey for us because we had to change stations, and walked at skywalk and walked again to reach Platinum Mall.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
skywalk at chit lom

We walked and walked and walked and we saw the hotel that we were supposed to stay at. The Berkeley but luckily I did not pay for it. The distance… peh!

Platinum Mall is like Bugis St, except that it has six levels. So many pretty clothes, cute accessories are sold there. But they have little food shops so, we got a bit cranky because every food shop was full with humans.

I bought a few souvenirs for my baby cousins and also my boyfriend’s niece. Oh wait. I bought her dress at Terminal 21. Most items in Platinum I bought are for my family and relatives. And of course for myself lah.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

We walked around and went to Pratunam Market and had no idea where we actually were until I told Syirah let’s go for a massage AGAIN.

In need of one because I walked too much till I can’t feel my legs. But this Syirah was having her fun time, recording me kena bully inside the spa place. Oh… The spa place is called Ancient Massage.

she had her good time massaging me. and bully me.

Everyone inside there is so friendly! I could not describe my happy moment in that massage place because I was having so much fun! And Syirah kept telling them I am meng -__- which means I’m smelly.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
thai tea for 20 baht!

Got my thai tea somewhere at Pratunam Market and it was time for us to go back to our hotel. We walked and walked and walked again until we realized we were walking at some sort like a ghetto area. You know like… I was surprised that the places we went earlier on, we were surrounded with big and tall buildings but suddenly we were not in the city, some sort like that. Like at a poor village with no electricity, and the houses are just beside a train track and all we know suddenly we were at Ratchaprarop.

That’s how far we have walked. From Chit Lom to Ratchaprarop.

We had our dinner at Viet-Hue Kitchen again, because we were effortlessly tired. And suddenly, it was raining… again.

On our second last day, we went to Chatuchak. The day we both have had been waiting for!

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset
hello chatuchak!

Amazingly captured huh? Chatuchak is located at Mo Chit. The place is so big you can go crazy over everything. They sell from antiques to food, to clothes, to merchandise and cool door mat! I bought one for myself too.

Funny how the day before, I told Syirah I was craving for chicken rice and I found a stall sells chicken rice! Best part is that I had mine with sticky rice and sedap nak mampus!

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
my sticky chicken rice for 60 baht!

We made a new friend, but forgot to ask for his name. He’s from Melbourne and he’s there in Bangkok for two weeks.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Walked around for like 4 hours I think? We bought so many things and I actually found a shop that sells shorts 2 for 100 baht! Like duhhh obviously I went crazy because that’s so freaking cheap!

And my colleague Izypod asked me to buy him “durian chips”. Like whaaat?! Looked around for his durian chips and finally found them! Gossssh so pricey!

See how amazing we are in Chatuchak! Syirah actually dared me to dance with this old man and suddenly another tourist took a video of us bahahahah!

I just love having fun with people.

And… in the afternoon like around 3pm, rain started to pour down. We were all wet. Soaking wet. Luckily we are done with our day.

Went back hotel to rest, then we went for another massage, which happened to be at our hotel. A bit pricey but we needed it.
Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Then we had our dinner. 60 baht for a plate of tom yam fried rice… Who would resist?! Sedap pula tu! I wanted to order more but I was curious how their McDonald’s taste like so later on, I bought McSpicy hehehe.

Since it was our last night there, we made sure everything was packed carefully. I bought 3 bottles of thai tea just for Rina (pfft) and to find out she’s going to Bangkok on her birthday week, I was like whaaaaaat.

It was my first time to travel with my work buddy and I’ve to say I enjoyed my stay in Bangkok.

Despite I saw someone resembles like her, eating potato chips at 5.33 am in the morning the next day, at least I did not get to see it was showing me its back.


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