Peanut butter, I’ve learnt my lesson

I was supposed to bake peanut butter cookies and I had no idea what went wrong with the ingredients.

It says on the packaging (Reese’s) that the batter would be creamy and when you bake, the unbaked cookies will melt (some sort like that).

And I did not expect my cookies to melt like… uhmmm really not a good thing to say it but like a poop.


my peanut butter cookies. they’re so flat.


The first two trays was a failure. My cookies were scorched and flat. So I thought… why not try and bake them by using baking cases.

10 minutes later on…

looks like mini muffins

Hahahaha my cookies suddenly look like mini muffins. And again, I wasted another tray.

I sat down, talked to myself “What went wrong?” and since my brother could not help me (guys… ya know lah)… I took another tray, cut the parchment paper and poured all batter in the tray.


I made peanut butter brownies! Oh yeahhhh!

Put it in the oven for 20 minutes (375 Fahrenheit) and let it cool down on a resting tray for about 40 minutes and then cut it into bite pieces.


My brother approves it! Not sure but he looked kinda shocked to see his own sister baked at 3-4 in the morning.


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