A sweet evening with Eluveitie

I have been listening to heavy and metal songs ever since I was a little kid. So, when I found out that one of my favourite bands is coming down to Singapore, I quickly purchased the ticket online as I did not want to miss it.

Eluveitie, reads as el-vay-ti, is a Swiss folk metal band from Zurich, founded by the vocalist himself, Chrigel Glanzmann. A metal band that plays traditional instruments such as mandola, bagpipe, hurdy gurdy, flutes, gaita, bodhran and whistles have been around the music industry for more than 10 years.

They started off the show with King (single from Origins, 2014) and then Nil (Everything Remains (As It Never Was), 2010).

The crowd was then fired with everyone’s favourite song – Thousandfold.

Chrigel Glanzmann with mandola

Within two hours, Eluveitie gave a great, energetic and chill performance. The crowd danced and mosh-ed to Tegernako (Spirit, 2006), a song that started off with bagpipes and flutes and everything came like magic. Some even did the Swedish dance in the moshpit!

If you are a big fan of Eluveitie, you would know that they have recorded one particular song in five different languages. The Call of the Mountains, taken from their 6th album, Origins is recorded in English, French, Swiss-German, Italian and Romansh. At *Scape, Anna decided to sing in Swiss-German, which is De Ruef vo de Bärge.

On left Matteo with a whistle, Shir-Ran with violin and Chrigel with mandola.

Though the crowd wasn’t that big, I could say not only fans from Singapore came down to see them perform. Fans from Switzerland, Bangladesh, Malaysia and China joined the crowd and enjoyed themselves.

Sadly, a week ago, they had to cancel their show in China due to visa issues. And at the early month of May, Eluveitie announced that they are going through some changes in the band. Anna Murphy, Ivo Henzi and Merlin Sutter have officially left the band on May 5th but even so, they will still perform at Fortarock 2016 in June. While Shir-Ran Yinon, will leave after summer.

(On left) Ivo Henzi, Shir-Ran Yinon, Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter, Nicolas Winter, Chrigel Glanzmann, Matteo Sisti and Rafael Salzmann.

Below is Inis Mona, the song that made me fell in love with Eluveitie.


Thousandfold, everyone’s favorite.

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