Sasha, #FarhanaSuria

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Have you watched Farhana on Suria recently? I’m that little noisy teacher who loveeeeeeeeees to show weird expressions to my students! Haha.

Alhamdulillah syukran for the rezeki I’ve been receiving recently. Months ago, I was busy shooting for #FarhanaSuria and a week ago, I had the opportunity to act in Girlfriends Season 2, which will be out soon, insya Allah.

I’ve made so many new friends while on set. From there, I had the chance to talk with the veterans about my “failure in life”.

And someone actually spotted me on tv and he directly sent me a message; on how happy he is to see my success after Ms J Contemplates Her Choice.

Little did I know that slowly I have made progress in my acting career. At this moment, let us go with the flow and see where my journey will take me.

Anyway, my role in Farhana is Sasha – a bakery teacher in one of the most finest institutes in Singapore (cedebah!). Sasha only appears in five episodes, but she cares so much for her students and Farhana.

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Cikgu Sasha and Cikgu Vivien with her students

See! I made new friends! And now we’ve become friends in real life! Ah-ma-zeen isn’t it? I was a little shy back then to say hello but hey, okay pe.


Processed with VSCOcam with a10 preset
tired faces 😦
Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset
hello Hannah!

I enjoyed every single moment I had with them. I learnt a lot of good things too. This also reminds me of something else; months ago someone actually tweeted about me saying I am ugly and desperately chasing for fame blablabla, “they” (don’t even know who she’s referring to) say I’ve go no potential in acting blablablablablabla but babe, I never did once think of chasing fame.

But it’s okay. I’ll take that as a motivation. Heh.

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