C̄hạn rạk khuṇ

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I ended my 2015 in South Pattaya, Thailand. I have to say I am in love with Thailand (again). Ought I did not get to do a lot of sight seeings, but I managed to catch a gleam of their culture and transportation.

I arrived quite late on my first day there. Mind that I actually took a minibus so I was the third person to arrive at my destination (blerggggh).

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On the very next day, we went to have our lunch at The Sky Gallery Pattaya. It is located at Chon Buri, 15 minutes away from CentralFestival.

Food prices are affordable and the view is… I have to say it is super duper beautiful-amazing! Everywhere I go I see beaches. Unsurprisingly, the weather was a bit hotter and yup, no rain. Mind you that Thailand is in Southeast Asia and usually December is a “danger month” to travel (monsoon season).

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I had errr smoked salmon ebiko pasta and a glass of Sky Gallery Ice Coffee. And yup, my drink color looks exactly the same like the sea (if you stir them well).

Did I even mention my coffee tastes hella nice?! It has that kinda lemongrass flavor, which actually blends really good with my drink!

I enjoyed my lunch with such an amazing view despite the weather was killing me.


Later on, we went for a massage. The place that we went (Pratumnak Hill) was very convenient as whatever we need is there. We spotted Just Spa, which is only 5 minutes away from The Sky Gallery.

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in Just Spa

Dad told me “Go for a massage if you ever get the chance” so yup, I went! I am not really a massage person (look at my body size! i’m quite small!). I was kinda skeptical and nervous but when I looked through their brochure, I decided to go for their 2 hours package. I had aroma massage and foot massage (800 baht = SG$32).


I got to choose my own aroma oil and I chose lavender. I’ve always loved lavender. The place is sooooooo huge I could probably get lost in it. Honestly, their exterior looks like a normal shop; one storey and such. But when I went in, only God knows how big it is.


Next destination – CentralFestival!
Ooooh, the transportation there is very convenient and reliable. You can either walk or rent a bike/car or ride a tut tut (quite difficult to find in Pattaya) or baht bus or anything.

We chose baht bus. Each person pays 100 baht (SG$4). And look how happy I am to get a ride on baht bus!

CentralFestival is allocated somewhere nearby Walking Street. The mall’s view is really amazing and beautiful.

In my 24 years of life, I have never seen four beaches in a day even though they are just the same big ocean.

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view from level 5 CentralFestival

I told my friend, “I somehow feel like I’m in Brazil.”
Amazing view, isn’t it?

Next day, which is 31st December.
The moment we were waiting for.

What should we do? What should we eat? Where do we wanna go?

We decided to not go for sightseeing or waste our energy. We had lunch at The Glass House, another place to enjoy sunset at the beach.

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I was actually craving for padthai but couldn’t find it anywhere in South Pattaya. And it’s been days I did not eat rice, so why not we go for Asian cuisine.

I had apple pina colada and seafood green curry rice, without the pineapples.

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This blouse is a savior! Well, it is actually a blouse but because I’m short, it looks like a dress.

The Glass House has different type of views and seats. You can sit nearby the beach, in the glass house, eat on a bed (there is a table for your food), open space or in the restaurant itself.

As soon we finished our lunch, we went into the restaurant. And I did not even want to get out from the place!


Look at its interior! Am I in Thailand or England?!

Clock strikes 4, we had to leave the place early.

Around 10.30 pm, we headed to Walking Street. I hate crowded places but we shall let go for this one, shall we?

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sexy smexy!


While waiting for 2016, we went around Walking Street and Bali Hi Pier.

There was a countdown concert and I saw Instinct band performing with the crowds. Aerodrones were everywhere, taking live videos of all of us.

Then, we got hungry. Bought a few sushi (5 baht per piece = SG$0.20) and ended went to a cafe to grab a few mocktails.

Clock strikes 12 – cheered up with everyone, watch the fireworks and 2 hours later, we went back to our hotel.

As I age one year older, I realized I wasn’t the same anymore. When was the last time I stepped into a club? When was the last time I got sober?

I have no resolution for 2016.
All I want is to be happy and get married asap. But I have to stay patient and let the love of my life graduates, finds a proper job and be real to me. I just want to be happy. That is all.


We headed to Big Buddha right after the Friday prayer. This is the only sight seeing activity I managed to do. I badly wanted to skydiving and visit Sanctuary of Truth but hmmm… never mind.

Also, it was our second last day in Pattaya. That was the only time we had for shopping. Rina (my friend) bought a lot of snacks and mangoes and some souvenirs while me, went crazy over their make-up and clothes!


I had tempura udon for my meal on that day! We didn’t have breakfast nor lunch so I guess you could call this breakfast on dinner? Hahahaha.

We went crazy while we did our shopping. Everything is so cheap and nice and the more we bargain the more cheaper everything is!

Soon enough, we found ourselves going even crazier in their supermarket.

Who does not love food huh?


On to the next day, it was for us to say our goodbyes.
Checked out at 12 noon, said goodbye to their lovely staffs and headed back to CentralFestival for a quick lunch and get our transport done.

We didn’t grab any cab there. To go to the airport, you can just hop into their minivan for only SG$9 (250 baht).

In my point of view, South Pattaya may seem to have a lot of prostitution places but put that aside. I was stressed free for all the time there. I don’t mind going back there for skydiving and parasailing.

And yes, I enjoyed my holiday.

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