Bawal 3 rasa


Found it a bit funny if you translate good words from Malay to English.
Fried pomfret with three flavors, or in Malay, Bawal tiga rasa is one of the most famous dishes in Singapore/Malaysia.

Since most of my followers are not from the Asia, why not I share a few of my recipes to all of you. It’s an easy cook and I hope by sharing you will enjoy cooking for your family!

2 red chillies // sliced
1 inch of ginger // sliced
1 big onion // sliced
2 red onions // sliced 3/4 cup of water
1 tomato and cut into 6 salt & sugar (if needed)
3 spoons of oyster sauce
3 spoons of chilli sauce
3 spoons of tomato sauce
turmeric powder
2 spoons of chilli paste
1 black pomfret fish
pineapple cubes
Vegetable oil Coriander leaves for plating


1. Fry your fish and coat it with turmeric powder. Be careful when you want to flip your fish over. Fry within 10-15 minutes to get that to its crisp. Put your fish aside once you are done with it.

2. On a new skillet, pour in some vegetable oil and let it heat for awhile.

3. Saute chilli paste, onion, red onions and ginger.

4. Once the chilli paste is cooked, put in all of three sauces (chilli,tomato & oyster) along with sliced chillies, pineapples and tomato. (i did not put in pineapples just to avoid from getting acidic/gastric)

5. Add in a little bit of sugar if you prefer your gravy to have a little bit of sweetness. Pinch some salt if needed. (in my case, i didn’t put either one)

6. Add in some water. Water level depends on the consistency of how you want gravy to be.

7. Once everything is done, pour everything on your fish and plate it with coriander leaves to make your dish look pretty!



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