Fried rice Tom Yum

INGREDIENTS ( serve for 2 )
1 1/2 cube stock of tom yam
1 stick of lemongrass (sliced)
Lime leaves
Coriander leaves
Seafood (prawns, squid & crabstick)
2 tbs of tomato sauce
Lime juice
Vegetable oil
Rice ( 2 1/2 cups )

Saute lemongrass with hot vege oil and add in the tom yam stock (mix with 3 tea spoon of water).
Add in prawns and squid. Stir till it’s half cooked.
Add in rice (make sure you cook it first!) and stir till the rice turns reddish orange (something like that).
Add in lime leaves and tomato sauce, stir till you can smell the taste.
Pour in some lime juice till you get the right taste.
Next, put in the coriander leaves (chopped).
I prefer to put them in first because it will give that extra beautiful smell. And last, add in the crabstick.

** you can add in chillis to make it more spicy.

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